Combo Report

The Combo Report gives a breakdown of individuals serviced for a given date range. The information here is broken down by various demographic values including age, race, and poverty level.

From the information collected about the family, members in the family, income, expenses, employment history, and general demographics, the VCM can provide statistics and patterns on the needs in each community. This allows providers to better understand the needs today and in the future.

These resources are also used to assist programs that are proactive in targeting families to provide preventative measures or education to address issues prior to the need for further public assistance down the road.

Many agencies are responsible for reporting to their funding sources on a periodic basis. Many times the information required is pieced together from data collected in multiple programs or built off estimations of service. The VCM eliminates the time needed to produce these reporting requirements as well as provides real time statistics on the service needs in the community.