Cross Agency Communication

The Virtual Case Manager brings multiple forms of communication together and ties it to the client or case work.

Traditionally, agencies are communicating in five different mediums.
° Face to face
° Over the phone
° Faxing documentation
° Mailing information
° Emailing each other

The VCM organizes this information into one structured and secure location to be shared internally within an agency or between agencies collaborating on client needs.

Document management is only one piece of the records management needs of most agencies. Digital files, case notes, images, service records, electronic signature, and client demographics are all built around the client and family. This same information is available for future use or can be shared with collaborating or contracted case workers with the click of a button.

This is equally beneficial for the client as his or her information can travel with them to other agencies eliminating the redundancy in providing details and records when applying for services.

The VCM provides a structured and efficient medium of communication while securing and archiving documents for the life of an agency's requirements.