Contracted Referrals

Contracted services are designed for agencies that outsource support from secondary agencies on behalf of a client's needs. This system allows the source agency to monitor the progress of the work from start to completion providing real time status of the contract and its fulfillment.

Contracted services are very similar to referrals within the VCM. Here are the primary differences between the two types of case needs:

° Needs are general request of help
° Can be private once accepted by supporting agency
° Meant to initiate needs that are handed off
° Allows internal case assignment once accepted
° Details remain under the client overview individually

° Defines exact service needs and amounts
° Mediates communication throughout the contract between agencies
° When completed, post service survey sent (optional)
° Holds agencies accountable to the contract definitions
° Allows internal case assignment and management oversight
° Provides agencies and staff a dashboard of current cases

As with standard referrals, contracted referrals use the same visibility settings found elsewhere within the VCM.