File Attachments

Digital file attachments allow agencies to associate digital scanned images, high resolution webcam photos, and local computer or network shared files with the client's records. This allows for any type of information to be encoded from one of these formats and associated with the client.

This provides agency wide organization of information as well as the sharing of this information with collaborating groups of agencies who will need this same information to provide services for the client.

The VCM provides a common intake and record keeping system to be used privately or within a group of agencies who are working together to assist the client's needs.

The VCM provides agencies with a cost effective and well organized document management system. Additionally, the VCM network allows this same information to travel with the client as they receive services throughout the community of providers.

All attachments adhere to the VCM security schema controlled by the agency recording information within the client's profile. Information can be completely private, public, or shared within groups of collaborating agencies, always controlled by your agency administrators.