Getting Started  

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Virtual Case Manager (VCM) was developed to collect, track, measure, and manage the details about client information and their service needs.

End User System Requirements and Scalability

The Virtual Case Manager (VCM) is cloud-based software which is accessible from most web browsers. So there is no in house workstation or server setup required. All resources are accessible via the internet and have minimal PC requirements to get started. The Virtual Case Manager is built in the Cloud Hosting environment so it is scalable to any number of Collaborating Agencies, Partners, or End Users. The VCM is designed to support individual Agencies or Community Wide Support. Collaboration is one of the main resources the VCM can provide a community so it has been designed to support thousands of Agencies working together.

End User Support

There are several levels of support designed to provide quick response to questions individuals may have when first using the VCM software. These include: ° Online training videos for both administrators and general staff
° Partner agency assistance from other VCM member agencies in your area
° Online manuals explaining each feature of the VCM program
° Free Online Ticket System for support of any kind
° Phone support for training and use of the VCM features
° Paid training support available (1 on 1 or in group setting)


° VCM is built on the latest technologies and architecture
° Housed in a secure HIPAA and SAS70 datacenter
° Monitored 24 x 7
° Automated auditing services track each users access
° Engineers monitor daily backups and server maintenance
° Agencies have several levels of controls over their staffs visibility to resources and information
°Security is a fundamental part of the VCM and setup to protect sensitive information while enabling collaboration with partner Agencies when applicable
°The VCM improves security of information and provides control for employee and volunteer use within your Agency

Data Ownership

° Each Agency owns the data they track within the VCM
° Data is exportable at any time if an Agency needs a local copy of their records
° Monitored 24 x 7
° Large exports can be purchased if data stores become unmanageable for simple export or if its needed in a different format
° Agencies will retain rights to a copy of the records they keep about their clients, service records, referrals, etc.

Confidentiality of Client Records

° The VCM is designed to allow agencies to record private information about their clients and client needs
° The Agency administrator can override all staff security rights locking down security to keep information recorded private at all time
° All aspects of a clients record created by your agency can exist only visible to your agency and staff

Pricing Structure

° All costs are based on per workstation access to the Virtual Case Manager program. Each computer requires a license to access the VCM. All services within the VCM environment are covered in the license fee.
° Your Agency can track unlimited clients, unlimited service records, unlimited referrals, and have 5 user licenses per workstation.
° Annual License Fees and Enterprise License Agreements Available