Graphical Reports

The graphical reporting tools built into the VCM provide a wide range of functionality. Each report is given a set of available filters to be used as needed to retrieve the desired data and statistics. Once the report criteria have been entered, users are presented with visual information allowing decision makers to review the gaps in service, changes in volumes of services over time, and determine where in the community needs are most prevalent.

One of the challenges in decision making is to have the resources and information available in a format that can be easily interpreted and is manageable. Graphical reporting enables large amounts of data to be presented in a simple yet powerful format that can provide volumes of information in a snapshot. Utilizing line graphs and doing month to month overlays provides simple feedback to the changes in needs over time. The concentration maps show the needs of any service or groups of services over a given time, where they exist in the community and how great the concentration is. Comparing locations for existing support with the locations of needs provides an easy analysis for administrators to see where gaps exist.

Custom development also allows for conduits to be built between applications allowing for data imports or exports on a real time or scheduled basis. This allows for the VCM to integrate into existing system that may already be in use within an agency.