Non-Profit Collaboration Software

VCM is a fully-hosted, web-based case management software that helps nonprofit agencies, program directors and caseworkers manage clients faster, smarter and with less effort. VCM changes how you work... taking complex processes and turning them into a few simple clicks. VCM's non profit collaboration software has a vision to help nonprofits worldwide improve their organizational efficiency, connect their offices, staff, clients, services, and more easily allow information to be shared across their network more effectively.

Perhaps the most important thing you can be doing to ensure the resilience of your cause is to make sure that your core members and committees are well organized and communicating. Those who best understand your mission and sacrifice their time day in and day out need to be well equipped. Provide them with the tools needed to enhance communication, spread the vision and expand your network. Your teams are bogged down, unable to quickly access what they need to get their work done. Time and distance barriers suffocate progress. Every team is screaming they're understaffed. Face it, without the right tools, collaboration is hard. So many people, locations, and moving parts. It's easy to fumble handoffs. Easy to get stuck: digging through Word documents; passing requests from team to team; sifting through jumbled email threads. It's time to snip out the chaos.

With custom collaboration software, your teams will spend more time innovating�less time synchronizing. Imagine how much time you could save. Imagine your teams humming like a well-oiled machine. And imagine the smiles on their faces when you tell them chaos is a thing of the past. VCM's non profit collaboration software is a solution that optimizes your ability to smoothly and securely share clients' information as they move from one service to another. VCM's non profit collaboration software is capable of adapting to collaborations of all sorts and sizes � from simple referrals to coordination of services among multiple agencies.

VCM's non profit collaboration software can help bridge the gap between disparate services, programs and organizations aimed at improving their communities through collaboration and data sharing. When used to its fullest capability as performance management software, the VCM non profit collaboration software solution will not only ease the technological burdens of data sharing, but can also help communities to collaborate more effectively to manage and continuously improve service delivery.