Quickly Provide Services

The quick service entry resource provides a fast and easy way to record one or more services in a single click of the mouse or scan of the hand scanner bar code system. This process can be completed using the keyboard and mouse or with the help of a barcode scanner and/or e-signature signoff pad.

The process has been designed to be as simple and robust as possible and to streamline data entry for high traffic locations or for volunteer and beginner users of the VCM. Service packages, e-documents, and the screens visible modules can be configured at an agency level allowing each agency to turn this process to fit their individual needs.

The flow of the intake process is also customizable. In this example and depending on which services are provided to the client or family, the system will take the user through signoff verification steps in which the client signs off on required documentation like the OJFS Eligibility Food Take Home Form, using the digital signature pad. No paperwork to collect, maintain, or manage. Auditing can be done electronically or records can be printed for reporting requirements at any time.