The VCM's referral feature allows each agency to have access to a comprehensive directory of providers in your community or throughout the network. With this simple to use resource staff and even volunteers can quickly search for agencies who can meet the needs communicated by the client. It's as simple as typing in a description of needs like: food, clothing, shelter, transportation, counseling, or by using the taxonomy built into the system for related needs. The VCM looks at all available resources from each provider in the system and returns a simple list based on the needs specified. The matching list of support providers is returned in the order of proximity from the clients address or from your agencies address, listing the closest provider to the Client who can meet their needs. For active agencies utilizing the VCM for their internal case and work management, wait times and availability of resources is also provided enabling staff to choose the agencies who can help meet needs today.

When a referral is made the details about the client and their needs are automatically sent to the referred agency. The Client also receives a print out of the details they need to receive support. The referral slip includes directions, contact information, hours of operation, services provided by the agency, restrictions of services, fees, as well as any documentation provided by the agency under their profile. Additional documentation can include critical details to assist the client prior to their visit. Details like qualifications for service, criteria for enrollment, or even intake documentation that can be filled out prior to a visit eliminating wasted time in waiting rooms or redundant visits when clients are unaware of the items they need to bring with them.

Referrals can be open ended as they are sent and forgotten or agencies who want to take a more proactive role can follow-up and see the progress of the referral making sure the client doesn't fall through the cracks. As with all records within the Virtual Case Manager, agencies have the ability to create a referral and keep it private from all other agencies, send the referral anonymously, or establish a shared record between two or more providers who can assist with the client's needs. Agencies receiving referrals have the option to reset the visibility of the referral as they take on the case needs for the client making all details private if needed.

With these simple to use resources, the Virtual Case Manager is building a community of providers who can extend their ability to serve and support far beyond their agency's walls.