Pantry Tracking

Virtual Case Manager (VCM) is an integrated web-based system developed to collect, track, measure, and manage the details about client information and their service needs. It is designed to assist food pantries manage the day-to-day operations of pantry tracking. The entire system is web based and available 24/7. VCM is pantry tracking software that will drastically reduce your paperwork workload and allow you to easily meet the reporting required by your partner agencies. VCM pantry tracking is paperless. VCM allows you to manage and track your guests, volunteers or any type of goods or services you want to offer to the public. VCM allows you to determine who is coming into your facilities and how often they can come by determining their eligibility to receive during your outreaches. VCM pantry tracking has excellent reporting and provides you everything you would need for your organization and your partner agencies. VCM tracks the nationality and family ages, the number of people served and the total households. VCM breaks down statistics into yearly, monthly, weekly or daily views. VCM shows statistics by county, by visit, by outreach, tracking type or any combination you may need.